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Yomi Fabiyi Weighs in on Oge Okoye Bashing on Social Media

Fans have not ceased bashing Nollywood actor, Oge Okoye for Screen capturing, claiming and renaming dogs belonging to Real Housewives of Atlanta star , Kenya Moore on social media. They have called her all sorts of names, tagging her in their endless trolls.

Fellow Nollywood filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi has weighed in on the occurrence, cautioning fans on the grounds that no one is above errors. See his lengthy post

Yomi Fabiyi : “Most fans will never appreciate you when you are real(don’t mind those who claim they like actors who are real and not fake). They basically want actors to live like alliens or so. No Artist is a SAINT!

In my opinion, what @ogeokoye had was a simple crush on those pets and wish she have them and wanted to upload on her SM but as human, she went on to claim them without intention to compete or prove anything to anyone. It’s just a stunt gone wrong but pardonable. It saddens my heart to see some people crucify such an agelong hard working actor so recklessly.

Lessons learnt but please let us not take some decent credit away from her. Unfriendly remarks can send someone into depression, though I expect by now she has developed a thick skin. No storm last forever dear, Oge, this too will pass, pull yourself together and go filming.

You are my friend and we relate privately a lot. FOR REAL YOU ARE NOT WHAT THEY SAY JARE. If she had written “I LOVE THESE PETS, WISH I CAN HAVE THEM” it will still be the same people that will say she is begging to buy dogs or go to the extreme to say she is poor and can’t afford. Any artist can easily become a victim of social media bashing, a platform relatively new to us and you can’t verify the true identity of each person. Some critics don’t even mean their words.

A lot of you fans won’t even know you are responsible. You readily condemn and tag an actor UNSUCCESFUL or POOR just because he or she decides to live in residence or drive cars their income can sustain. You don’t consider the talent and hard work. Virtually all actors are hard-working, we are however exposed to different opportunities, none should be seen successful than the other if you guys can think deeply.

The energy spent trying to lash out on this innocent mother and long time hard working actress, should please be spent on condemning all the lies and undemocratic behaviours of politicians and public officers you voted and vested your future. Nigeria will begin to get better that way. Oge my paddy, I appreciate your talent and hard work, respect to all your unwavering fans. They are indeed heroes. Love for all, hatred 4 none & apologies to all

Yomi Fabiyi”

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