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Whitemoney Receives Shocking Eviction From BBN ALL-STARS House

In a startling twist at the Big Brother Naija All Stars mansion, an eviction night unlike any other sent shockwaves reverberating through the contestants.

Last night, the curtain fell on the journeys of three housemates and an unexpected special guest—namely, Alex, Neoenergy, Sholzy, and Whitemoney. This created an unprecedented moment in the annals of the All Stars season.


The evening commenced with Head of the House, Cross, addressing the challenges he had grappled with during his reign. He candidly confessed that managing a house full of what he affectionately referred to as “children” had become an overwhelming task. His explanation left the host, Ebuka, momentarily perplexed, prompting him to swiftly proceed with the first eviction of the night.

The bombshell dropped when Whitemoney, a former champion who had never previously faced eviction, was announced as the first departure. This unexpected twist left everyone in the house and the viewers at home astounded. Neoenergy, seated beside Whitemoney, wore a visibly stunned expression.

Next in the eviction spotlight was Venita, and Ebuka wasted no time in probing her about her intricate relationship with Mercy Eke. The tension escalated as Mercy casually sipped from a red beverage. Venita confessed to trust issues in their friendship, but Ebuka dug deeper, seeking more insight into their communication dynamics.

Neoenergy’s eviction carried an unexpected emotional turn when he chose to share a heartfelt farewell speech with the house, revealing his amicable relationship with Tolanibaj.

The spotlight then turned to Ilebaye, the first housemate with two strikes. She faced rigorous questioning about her perceived role in stoking conflicts among the contestants. Ilebaye vehemently denied the allegations, asserting, “I’ve acknowledged my mistakes,” while firmly maintaining that provocation wasn’t one of them.

In the midst of this tension-charged eviction night, Ebuka dropped a bombshell revelation, implicating Angel in the infamous Adekunle love letter scandal. Angel, seated beside a visibly shocked Venita, awkwardly chuckled, seemingly dismissing the accusation.

The final eviction of the night was Alex, who confidently disclosed that she had ensured Cross took her place in the finale. As she exited the house, she received an unexpected hug from Ceec, who whispered, “It was a pleasure reconnecting with you.”

With the departure of these three housemates and the guest, Sholzy, the Big Brother All Stars house experienced a seismic shake-up. The unexpected exits left the remaining contestants in a state of shock, testing the resilience of their alliances and friendships. With fewer voices and personalities, the once bustling mansion now carried an air of quietude.

The question on everyone’s mind was how these evictions would impact the dynamics of the game moving forward. To find out, stay tuned as the saga unfolds!


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