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WATCH: Oxlade Opens Up On Why He Dropped Out Of University

Nigerian music sensation Oxlade, whose real name is Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, recently opened up about his departure from Lagos State University (LASU) during his final year due to the threat posed by cultists. Oxlade shared this revelation in an interview on the Tea with Tay Podcast, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding his decision to leave the university.

Reflecting on his time as a student, he recalled his dedication to studying the Bible and academic books within the confines of his church. However, the looming presence of cultists ultimately led to his withdrawal from LASU, a fact he had never previously disclosed. Oxlade explained that the pressure from these individuals to recruit him into their group was unrelenting.

He recounted how close he came to serious danger, as the cultists intensified their efforts to involve him. His escape from the clutches of the cult was nothing short of miraculous. Oxlade revealed that his grandmother played a pivotal role in his salvation. She had a strong intuition that something was amiss and instructed him to leave the campus and head to their family home in Ibadan.

Following her advice, Oxlade relocated to Ibadan, and it was during this time that the cultists launched a violent attack on his roommates in his absence. His grandmother’s instincts had been right on the mark, although Oxlade remained unsure about how she had sensed the impending danger.

As a result of the life-threatening incident, Oxlade made the decision to never return to LASU, emphasizing the pivotal role his grandmother had played in ensuring his safety.

Below is the full interview:


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