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UK’s Silence on Bio’s Barbarism is Worrying for Sierra Leoneans But the US Govt is Giving Hope

The people of Sierra Leone are crying and seeking help from all well-meaning internal and external stakeholders to stop Maada Bio’s barbarism.

Many international stakeholders are coming to the aid of the most suffering Sierra Leoneans amid the continuous violence and human rights violations, mass killings, arbitrary arrests, and other vices they are facing in Sierra Leone. Leading the race in holding Bio to account is the United States of America government which is conspicuously showing its strength against the tyrannical SLPP regime of Maada Bio. Disappointingly, the United Kingdom government of Rishi Sunak is yet to reveal the frontline contributions expected of them to protect lives and property in Sierra Leone. (Photo: James Cleverly during his visit to Freetown).

Most importantly, the UK has so far failed to properly hold the autocratic SLPP regime of Maada Bio into account for all the problems created to inflict more hardship and hopelessness on the people of Sierra Leone. Why is the UK government keeping mute? The American President Joe Biden is determined to defend democracy and the rule of law in Sierra Leone at all costs. Therefore, it is no surprise that the US State Department has implemented stringent measures to punish the Bio presidency because of the tendency to undermine democracy in Sierra Leone.

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