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UK Scientist Resigns From Covid-19 Team After He Was Caught Cheating With Married Lover In Breach Of Social Distancing Rule

Neil Ferguson and Antonia Staats: photo credit: The Telegraph

A top scientist for the UK Government, Neil Ferguson, has reportedly resigned after breaking lockdown rules to meet his married lover.

“Prof Ferguson allowed the woman to visit him at home during the lockdown while lecturing the public on the need for strict social distancing,” according to The Telegraph which revealed the secret.

Reports say Ferguson’s prompted Boris Johnson to lock down Britain resigned from his Government advisory position on Tuesday night after breaking the social distancing rules to meet his married lover.

Professor Neil Ferguson allowed the woman,

The woman, named Antonia Staats, reportedly lives with her husband and their children in another house.

Ferguson, an epidemiologist leads the team at Imperial College London that produced the computer-modelled research that led to the national lockdown, which claimed that more than 500,000 Britons would die without the measures, reports say.

Prof Ferguson has frequently appeared in the media to support the lockdown and praised the “very intensive social distancing” measures.

According to reports,
on at least two occasions, Antonia Staats, 38, travelled across London from her home in the south of the capital to spend time with Ferguson, nicknamed Professor Lockdown.

The 51-year-old had only just finished a two-week spell self-isolating after testing positive for coronavirus, reports say.

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