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Tomi Odunsi Dedicates her 30th Birthday to Best Friend, Chinonso Arubayi

Life’s clock ticks so fast, we almost wonder if we were not born few days ago. As the saying goes, time waits for no one. Popular Tinsel actor (Salewa), singer and songwriter is turning 30 tomorrow and it seems like a dream to her. She has however decided that her birthday will be all about her best friend and birthday mate, Chinonso Arubayi who lost her husband, Eric Arubayi  earlier in the year.

Thirty marks a new milestone for Tomi, here’s what she has to say about being thirty.

Turning 30 in less than 24hrs on the 24th day of May… Huge stuff… reflecting the last 29yrs… I don’t want to sound cliche but even I, I am surprised… just yesterday I was a girl. Well, still feel like a girl though still feels different… still trying to figure it out you know.
30   wow! I remember when I saw that age so far far away… 30 ?????? one minute i am overexcited ( pple who have been around lately know ???)and the next minute i am like; OMG OMG OMG!!! I AM 30 TMR??? Jesus, is this what midlife crisis feels like… 30????? what is happening. … 30??????thinking of dreams I thought I would have achieved by now… 30?????? what’s going to happen next… 30 ????? that’s huge 30…. OMG!!! Calm down Tomi… breathe????????????? Counting my blessings… Those obvious, and those silent and those unseen and those overlooked and those yet to come. It’s Ok Gods gat me you know… Today, i am celebrating myself… Me Me Me Today because tmr it’s all about my bestie @chinonsoarubayi (we share the same birthday). I love the way I am getting to know God, he is such a good God and he’s teaching some great stuff, I love Me and honestly embracing my sexually, my body; its just perfect like my hips , boobs ( don’t tell anyone I used to stuff my boobs with socks cos i was so insecure about it)… let me just stop there????. .. I have learnt and still learning a few things about Love, character, integrity, Life and all. But i must tell you; Life is too short to hate, envy or cheat anyone… too short to be anxious, fearful and depress. Just think about it, whats the worst that can happen…God help us all.
My journey, my process… I used to be so ashamed of pple judging me for my failures… was so afraid to be tagged a failure… don’t want to be seen fallen to my face, don’t want anyone noticing my mistakes, so afraid to be judge. .. I am grateful for my mistakes and pitfalls, Its my process. Let them laugh and mock it’s my process my journey and I am PROUD of it.
I am grateful for life … my journey won’t be cut short it will run it full course as I age like fine wine. Amen

Tomi just released her debut single and video, watch it below.

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