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“They used witchcraft” – Kenyan Pastor reveals how female politicians, bishops cost him his marriage

City pastor, James Ng´ang´a is an embattled man, not for anything else but from the kind of women envious about his settled marriage.

Get me right: these are not women living ordinary lives. We are talking female politicians, and bishops who kept DMing him, pleading for his love and attention.

One might wonder what would draw a woman, let alone several women towards the controversial preacher but I might not have the answer for now.
Pastor Ng´ang´a

The chase

Anyway, through his YouTube channel, the preacher revealed just how much women from his church, worked day and night, witchcraft or not, waiting to see his marriage crumble.

During the interview with his wife of 8 years, Mercy Murugi, the city pastor narrated how multiple women would send him romantic texts and insistently call him, to attract his wife´s wrath. “There is a day I came and found that she had packed all her clothes and ran away from home. My phone usually created more issues between us. I remember one day in Naivasha, a text message reading ´Thank you for the good night we had yesterday.”´

This prompted him to be open with his wife about false accusations that were being channeled towards him, to destroy his reputation and break his marriage. “I gave her and asked her to read it as it was a false accusation. If she had seen it later on, the situation.”would have escalated.

The fight

The couple was then forced to acquire new numbers soon after to just get rid of these temptations. Pastor Ng´ang´a went ahead to remove any passwords or encryption he had on his phone, to build trust in his young wife.

The Neno Evangelism Centre founder was a grieving man, having lost his first wife and sought to have his new wife fill the gap his late wife had left behind.

He was therefore not going to sit and watch his efforts go to waste. Not this time! “I was not a saint because I was married before meeting her. I expected her to come and fill the shoes of my late wife. Every time she ran away with my BMW, I followed her to their home with the police and repossessed it. However, I prayed over it and she came back and settled.”

Married couple, Mercy Murugi and Pastor Ng´ang´a

Speaking of her tough experience, dealing with a popular man she was not sure whether to trust or not, Ms Murugi divulged that these trying times only strengthened her faith the more. “I have learnt through experience. His phone was giving me a lot of headaches because I always wanted to know who was calling him but I stopped fussing. That is how I defeated Satan.”

The controversial preacher further disclosed the lengths that women would go to have him to themselves, soon after he lost his first wife. “There were thousands of women who wanted me to marry them. Others were politicians, while some were bishops. A woman even offered me KSh 3 million to marry her. They tried duping me by posing the money as offerings.”

The victory

But he saw the light. He realized that none of his chasers had genuine intentions towards him and he quickly settled with Mercy, after which many of his secret admirers took off.

Explaining that he decided to settle with a younger wife – a daughter to one of his church members – because he needed someone to take care of him in his old age. “Ushers and women in the church left after I married her as they decided to walk away. They even tried to fight her and even used witchcraft, while questioning why I married a younger wife. I think it would have been unwise to marry my age-mate because at some point we would have aged and failed to take care of each other.”

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