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They Left You With A Broken Heart. What Next?


I bet if any prophet or spiritualist ever told you that, your partner would leave you in the middle of the journey of your love life, you would beat your chest and refuse or reject it. You will even go to the extent of calling them liars and even false prophets.

Sooner than expected, things changed between you and your lover, gradually they lost interest and decided to call it quits. As much as you tried to talk them to stay, they would not even listen. Everything you ever wanted, all the amazing future plans have suddenly been put in despair.

You wish it was a dream but the bitter truth is that, it’s the reality. To be heart broken and disappointed by the person you truly loved, Is one of the many unfortunate realities of life. You cannot continue to remain broken and bitter only because they left. You would be doing yourself very great disservice if you wallow and pity yourself into self-destruction. You can have a thousand reasons why you should not experience such terrible heartbreak; but I can also assure you that, you can also have more than a thousand reasons to live and love again. It’s very possible for you to bury the hatchet and work towards a better future for yourself and many other generations to come.

Give yourself permission to grief and cry over everything. Some prefer to cry in the company of some trusted friends or family, other people also rather prefer to grief all alone. After you’ve cried out your heart, know that, many more opportunities await you. Let’s find simple ways to overcome this heart break.

Acknowledge that they are gone. That’s the reality. Try as much as possible to do away with the past. Let the past remain in the past; especially the ugly past. You cannot enter your future with your past. It will only destroy you.
That’s the least thing you would ever wish for yourself. Pick up the pieces of your life and move on with the rest of your life. Appreciate your life and determine to make it better.

Time is a very important factor when managing a heart break. As the minutes, hours days, weeks, months & years go by, you’ll realize that, as you put in little efforts, the pain of the past becomes less and less and very soon, you will feel no pinch of pain even when you have flash back.

As you heal emotionally, work on your physical appearance and character too. This is actually a great opportunity for you to develop and transform your personality, contenment and happiness. It’s important to note that, matters of the heart are delicate and should not be taken for granted at any stage of your life. Spend some time out door to freshen your memory while you also enjoy exciting and refreshing environments that can also boost your mood. Your life is priceless and you owe yourself true happiness that actually lives within you.

As you’re healing, do well to add some value to yourself. Do not start another relationship until you are completely healed and have become a better version of your life. Read a good book, go back to your long time hobby / craft, learn / develop new talents and opportunities. As you get busy with yourself and build up your life all over again, you’ll soon discover your new personality.

People around you can actually feel the impact of the new you and they’ll begin to appreciate and value you, for who you truly are. Please bear in mind that, there are no fast rules to healing a broken heart; some take longer periods, while others take shorter periods. At the end of the day you’ll experience true healing that’s priceless. You can also seek professional help at any stage of your healing process.

The author, Irene Palgrave Boakye-Danquah, is a marriage coach, relationship expert, motivational speaker and columnist for African Entertainment

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