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the people of Bombali district destroy the portraits of the President’s Bio


The APC should know that this country belongs to all of us, any political party has the right to place a portrait of its candidate in any part of the country without any hassle.

Is this the political nonviolence we are preaching as we walk toward elections?

The action by the APC of destroying the portraits of President Bio in Bombali District was a bad signal to our fragile democracy.

The reaction to that awful incident was a strong signal and message to the APC that if they destroy any banners of any political aspirant; they will suffer the same in that particular district.

A supporter of APC said they are ashamed to see the portrait of His Excellency being destroyed in Bombali.

Another APC supporter also opined that APC in Bombali is paying for their recklessness, and this uncivilized behavior should stop, as far as politics is concerned, Bombali is no more a stronghold for the APC but rather a battleground for all.

If you know your party is good enough, a mere portrait should not upset you.

Portraits of APC aspirants are all over in other districts but nobody is destroying them, why only in Makeni?

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