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Television Stations Which Air Pornographic Movies Are Sick in the Head …Says Celebrity Lawyer

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

“In every situation, you will have people who will support useless stuff. The right thinking Ghanaians, well cultured abhors pornographic materials that are why traditionally one cannot talk about sex. Morally, Christians also abhors pornographic materials, as for Muslims, they will throw stones at you for watching pornographic movies. Owners and viewers of Television stations which air pornographic movies are sick in the head. Quote me anywhere, anybody who watches pornographic movie or materials is not a right thinking member of society. Its madness, they are mentally deranged so their rights cannot override the right thinking members of society’s rights; how many adults are able to control their libidos when they watch pornographic movies?” Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has come out to fume against one of the issues that is trending now in Ghana.

He went on to say that children are not only addicted to sex when they watch pornographic movies but the tendency to be rapists is very high destroying their future. Also he reminded us that only mentally deranged people watch pornographic movies.

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