Nora Nkiruka Ugo

Nora Nkiruka Ugo

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Nollywood Actress, Nora Ugo Dies of an Undisclosed Ailment

January 30, 2018
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Nollywood just lost another budding actress, Nora Ugo. The actress reported gave up the ghost over the weekend. According to reports which are currently hazy, Nora Ugo died in Lagos of a yet to be disclosed ailment.

The deceased actress’s sister, Tina Ugo has however confirmed the reports while a moving tribute on Facebook. She shared:


It’s been hard for us all to accept this reality. I’ve been in denial for two days hoping it’s all a dream or that you were playing us all one of your usual Pranks.

You were a TRUE FIGHTER, that fought so hard to live, but I guess the pains and discomfort became unbearable for you two days ago so you succumbed to Death.

Sleep well my SISTER, Nora Nkiruka Ugo, I’ll forever cherish the moments we had.


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