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Summary Of Covid-19 Stimulus Measures Proposed By George M. Weah


1. Food Support: US$25 Million to support food distribution to citizens for 60 days. The World Bank has agreed to contribute additional US$10 million to this effort. World Food Program (WFP) and the Government of Liberia (GoL) will implement this program;

2. Free Electricity: Government to pay the electricity bill (LEC) for all citizens during the “Stay -At-Home Order” :

3. Free Water: Government to pay the water bill (LWSC) for all citizens during the “Stay -At-Home Order” :
4. Loan Payment: GoL to fully pay the loans owed by market women and petty/small traders in the counties affected by the Stay-At-Home Order;

5. Domestic Arrears: GoL to set aside US$15 million in next year’s budget to pay suppliers and vendors that have not been paid over several years;

6. Suspension of Surcharge: For the next 6 months the GoL will suspend all additional charges on imported goods that are also manufactured in Liberia; and

7. Suspension of Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI): Until otherwise notified, all PSIs will be suspended. This means that importers will not be required to assess their goods overseas before importation.


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