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Steve Harvey Stands Up For Wife Marjorie. SEE DETAILS

Steve Harvey has taken a stand against the misconceptions and gossip surrounding his third wife, Marjorie, particularly the claims that she played a role in the breakup of his second marriage.

Addressing the issue on the Steve Harvey Morning Show broadcast on Monday, September 11, 2023, he sternly urged people to stop spreading falsehoods about her. He passionately described Marjorie’s exceptional qualities, emphasizing that she was not involved in the dissolution of his first marriage to Mary Lee.



Harvey stated, “The woman I married is a remarkable individual, the best thing that ever happened to me. She is deeply religious, loyal, faithful, and exudes kindness and love. I don’t care what anyone says, and I implore you to cease discussing her alleged involvement in my previous marriage’s demise. It simply didn’t happen. She had no part in it whatsoever.”

The 66-year-old then provided a detailed account of his relationship with Marjorie, emphasizing that she did not enter his life until a year after his divorce from Mary Lee had been finalized.

“My divorce occurred in 2005, during the time when the Kings of Comedy tour was happening. Many of you may not have known, but my marriage had already crumbled by then. It was irreparable and had no value whatsoever. It took this long for the legalities to be sorted out,” he explained.

Harvey further stressed that when he and Marjorie began their relationship, he was financially destitute due to the fallout from his divorce. He debunked speculations that she got together with him for monetary reasons, emphasizing that he was penniless at the time.

“In 2005, I had nothing left. I lost my radio show in L.A. on May 23, and on May 10, I lost the only TV show I had. Steve Harvey was financially broke. I met Marjorie on New Year’s Eve, and we started dating in 2006. We had absolutely nothing. She didn’t marry me for wealth. When I proposed to her at the end of 2006, I still had nothing,” the comedian reiterated.

These statements come in the wake of recent drama the couple faced, including infidelity rumors that circulated in August 2023, alleging that Marjorie had been unfaithful with their bodyguard and chef. Harvey had already dismissed those claims and stood by his wife during Invest Fest 2023.

Additionally, a private phone call involving Harvey’s cohost, Shirley Strawberry, and her incarcerated husband leaked. In the conversation, she made comments suggesting that Harvey was afraid of his wife and that he viewed the radio show crew as ‘the help.’ Harvey addressed and refuted these claims, and Strawberry publicly apologized during the broadcast.

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