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Spanish Kids Prepare To Go Outside For The First In 6 Weeks

Spanish Kids, Picture Credit Getty Images

For about six weeks, they have remained under lockdown due to coronavirus but are preparing to enjoy the outdoors again.

Children in Spain are preparing to move out for the first time in six weeks.

It comes as Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, announced on Saturday, April 25, an easing of Spain’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

He made the announcement during a live television press conference on Saturday, April 25.

According to report, daily figures confirm Spain’s coronavirus death toll is declining by the day.

The Prime Minister noted during the address that
Spaniards would be allowed out to exercise alone from May 2.

That is if the coronavirus deaths and infections rate continue to fall.

“People living together will be permitted to take short walks together,” he says.

The Prime Minister made the Spanish Government’s broader plans to loosen the lockdown at different levels across different regions.

According to him, “We will not suddenly recover activity across all sectors.”

“The deescalation has to be gradual and asymmetric… We won’t all advance at the same pace but we will follow the same rules.”

From Sunday people in Spain will be allowed one hour of supervised outdoor activity per day between 9am and 9pm, staying within one kilometre of their home.

Coronavirus deaths in Spain are around 22,902 while the overall number of cases is about 223,759 from 219,764.

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