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    Singing Christian Songs Angered Wanlov to Change His Son from Former School

    Wanlov the Kubolor

    “When my first born, Abonsamposoro came to Ghana for the first time I took him to a school in Accra, before he was admitted I asked the school’s authority if they would be teaching him anything on religion whether Christianity, Muslim or Traditional, I asked because I don’t want him to be preached to on Christianity, it is not needed in school, so just teach him numbers, colors and rainbows; a couple of days after his admission he begun to sing a gospel song from school, I immediately took him from that school, I am a bit hesitant in paying my kids school fees because they sing useless songs. Religion is something that is personal and not needed in schools that is how I see it; I don’t believe schools should teach about religion they should just teach what they are supposed to.” Controversial artiste, Wanlov the Kubolor has revealed.

    He hammered that schools are meant to teach subjects and not religion, so that gingered his actions by taking the boy from his previous school for their act of trying to instill a ‘song’ which was not needed. He indicated that religion is a personal decision and should not be taught in school because it is each and every individual’s right to choose what to believe in and it should not be forced on anybody.

    Do you side with Wanlov or do you think he just went below the belt with his decision? Let’s have our say.

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