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Several Disenchanted Unity Party Members Joins Ruling CDC

Several members from the opposition Unity Party (UP) have crossover to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), and thereby pledged their fullest support towards the reelection of President George M. Weah.

The supporters, predominately youths which constitute approximately 60 percent of the country’s population stressed that their decision to join the CDC is based on the UP failure to break away from the class system and give everyone within the party a voice.

The group under the banner, “Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah Re-election” alleged that the UP Standard Bearer Joseph Boakai should be blamed for squandering opportunity they should be tapping in and has shown no sign of correcting the wrongs ahead of the upcoming elections.

According to a release, the group when they suspended their membership with the UP, through their Chairman, Thomas T. Bundoo stressed that not only are they disenfranchised over lost opportunities, but also tired of being in an environment full of Class System.

“We the members and officials of the Disenchanted Unity Party Partisans for President Weah’s Re-election have officially gathered here today to firstly suspend our membership and support from the Unity Party AKA Squanderer Kingdom and to extend our sincere apology to President George M. Weah and the CDC for fighting and wrongly judging them over the past years.

“We were some of the reasons for which the victory of President Weah was prolonged during the 2017 election, we took the votes that were due to a true and patriotic son of the soil and wasted them on a Squanderer, which cause the election to go to a second round instead of President Weah winning the 2017 election on a first-round basic.

“We are tired of being in the Squanderer Kingdom where our resources and many opportunities have been squandered by the Squander in Chief and other Baby Squanderers, a place where people take what belongs to babies and give it to dogs,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, the group through its chairman at the same time also vowed not to support the UP on the basis that officials of the party do not care about the well-being of their partisans, or tried to show concern during the period.

“How can you work for over forty years including 12 years as Vice President earning millions of dollars from taxpayers’ money and after squandering a lot of opportunities which should have benefited the ordinary people, you still came back to tell the same people who opportunities you have squandered that you are living on loan,” Bundoo stated.

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