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Secular Music Caused Me Depression – Sauti Soul’s Size 8 Opens Up

We all have a past and we all have a story to tell. Kenyan songbird, Size 8 was known for her secular music before she gave her life to God and turned to the gospel world of music.

However, as much as she seemed composed and having figured it all out while in the secular world, Size 8 was actually sinking deeper into the miseries of life.

Through her documentary aired on NTV, the gospel artiste told of her story of fame, how she would look up to American icon, Beyonce Internationally and fellow gospel artiste, Wahu Kagwi locally.

Best of friends, Size 8 (left) and Wahu Kagwi (right)

Beyoncé was her source of energy, her source of inspiration both in terms of costumes and performances for most of her music gigs.

Actually, Size 8 worked day and night to be like the Grammy Award winner. “I used to work hard. Beyonce and Wahu Kagwi were my role models. I would check out Beyonce´s performances and get consumes like hers. If you compare my secular performances and Beyonce´s they were the same.”

Size 8

The turmoil

No sooner, did mama Wambo achieve her dreams, that life started taking a wild turn for her – depression in the face of success.

Yes, she was a secular artiste but never was she an alcoholic. But soon as depression came in, nothing ever worked out.

Size 8 was a big name in the entertainment industry but not one of her relationships ever saw the light of day.

Size 8 with daughter, Wambo

She was famous but deep inside, was a wounded young girl who just did not have a place to seek refuge.

“Immediately I got what I wanted, I started slipping into depression. I can never explain it. All that time I was a secular artiste, I never took alcohol. Naenda kwa bar Sina Tabu hapo mbele nakunywa pekee yangu. My relationships are not working. I was glowing everywhere but I am not myself. I´m so under pressure to perform better than what I used to do or previous performance.”

The scriptures say: To whom more is given, more is expected.

That phrase best explains what what the Kenyan singer was going through, because the more famous she became, the more the pressure mounted on her, to deliver.

Gospel artiste, Size 8 Reborn

But so did her circle of friends grow smaller. She became a mystery to her own self, she would look back to her high-school days and this is not the product she had foreseen. No!

“I didn´t have real friends and I started becoming a person I didn´t really like. Remembering that happy girl who was in State House Girls so bubbly and I missed that born again girl – Linet Munyali. I just miss being loved for Linet and not for Size 8.”


Linet´s deep desire to give her life to God was an aspiration only told to her younger sister and Sauti Sol´s Bien Aime Baraza.

Sauti Sol´s lead vocalist, Bien

However, the Kenyan boy band member felt utterly disappointed by her , trying to understand how she was walking away from something she had build through sweat and blood over the years.

He shared: I was so disappointed with her because I´ve never seen someone walk away from money. Ni kama alichukua million 50 akaflush down the toilet.

Source: Ghafla

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