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Ruling CDC Shows Political Strength: -As Thousands Storm ATS And Nominate Pres. Weah for Re-Election

Over thousands of partisans and supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) on Saturday, January 4, 20223 gathered in central Monrovia at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium and petitioned President George M. Weah to participate in the upcoming 2023 elections.

President George M. Weah

Liberia is poised to go to elections on October 10, 2023 that is considered as the country’s most crucial elections to elect 73 new Representatives, 15 new Senators, and a President to steers the affairs of the country for the next six years.

The “one million-person nomination rally” organized by the CDC officials was intended for the Liberian leader to run in the Presidential elections of 2023, and as a result of the crowd, businesses in central Monrovia and its surroundings was shutdown.

Partisans and supporters were heard and seen chanting “Weah must go, and Weah 12 sure” among others while wearing the traditional party colors of blue, red, and white.

Stores and shops in densely populated Duala, Vai town, Clara town, and Freeport were also closed. Buses were also seen commuting partisans and supporters to town during the day, while some have to walk in groups to the filed.

However, the CDC-led government’s decision to hold a rally that resulted in the closure of businesses, was a result of criticism from some Liberians including opposition figures that the party has lost popularity due to “bad governance, rampant corruption and misused of public funds.”

But addressing his partisans’ during the ceremony, President Weah said, “I am pleased and honored, to accept your nomination of me as your Standard Bearer, to lead our Party to seek a second six-year mandate from the Liberian People. I am certain that with your full support and backing, our victory is assured.”

According to him, if he is granted a second term by the citizenry, they should prepare themselves to embrace another leader when that term ends, noting, “Our Constitution does not permit third terms, and so I will gladly stand down in 2030, and hand the gavel of the Presidency over to any leader that has been duly elected by the Liberian people.”

President Weah explained, “They say that yor na know nathing. They also say I mysef I na know nathing. So, the very fact that you are following me, who they say I na know nathing, shows that you are stupid.”

“Well, jes to prove to them that yor know sumtin, I want ask yor a question, and the answer that yor give to dis question will show whether you are clever or stupid, or whether you are smart or dumb. The question I want ask yor, enh, is this: 6 years plus 6 years, that how many years??? 12 years!!!

“Yor see… yor clever!! Yor know something! Don’t mind these people lying on you, yah? Let me ask you the question again: 6 years plus 6 years equal what? 12 years!!! When we came to yor to ask you to vote for us, they say your na know nathing.

“Yor didn’t go to school, yor don’t know nathing. Even if some of you have been to college, and graduated and all, even if some of you making straight A’s in school, the fact that you are behind me, those people say that you don’t know ANYTHING, that you are stupid to follow JorWeah.

But yor stuck with me, yor stuck with me. And we won! We won!! And we will win again!! They keep accusing you that because yor are behind me, yor don’t know nathing. So, I just want to ask you one question again, then I will let them know whether yor clever or not: 6 years plus 6 years equal what?????? Da 12 years.

“You see. Yor clever, yah? When we went to the Legislature the other night, we mentioned some of the things that we have done over the past 5 years. We did not point out all the things we had done. The list was too long. Because, if I had tried to name all the things that I have done, we were not going to leave that place until way after 9:00 o’clock that night.

“I spoke for 3 hours and 17 minutes. If I was going to continue to tell the people what all we have achieved together in these five years, hey, Liberian people, we were not going to move from that Capitol Building that night.

Call me Prezzo, we can’t help it. That’s why they just talking. But they forget to know that even if they double their socks, they can’t fit in my shoes. I don’t know for them, but we cool. I don’t know about them, but we cool. Even if they double their socks, they can’t fit in my shoes.

“So, I am here today to tell the Liberian people that I will be on the ballot as a Presidential candidate in the next elections. I therefore appeal to all Liberians to join me in what you started five (5) years ago and you can cont on the change that I have delivered, and will continue to provide more transformative leadership, in the supreme interest of the Liberian People,” President Weah assured.

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