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Rep. Aspirant Karishma Condemns Pre-Electoral Violence In Mont. District 10

Representative aspirant of Montserrado County District 10, Karishma Pelham-Raad has strongly condemned the pre-electoral violence that occurred recently within the District, and led to the assaults on citizens, destruction of properties, and infringement of the rights of others.

As a constant within the District, Ms. Pelham-Raad says she smells doom if proactive and stringent precautionary measures are not taken to avoid the re-occurrence of such violence.

“No matter the perpetrators of such acts, we have no other description but to categorize such thugs as cowards who are bent on instilling fears in the peaceful residents of District 10 in a vain attempt to discourage them from exercising their God-given democratic rights,” she said.

Aspirant Pelham-Raad indicated, “The road to this year’s October polls begins with the ongoing voter’s registration, and if our peaceful and law-abiding citizens are being terrorized by those who are already sensing a massive revolt at the ballots at this stage, one can only imagine what will happen on October 10, 2023 when our people will take a decision on who is best suited to lead their District from the current state of under-development and abandonment.”

She is at the same time also appealing to all eligible voters in the District to not be deterred by such ‘thuggish and terroristic acts’ but to go on and fully participate in the ongoing voter’s registration that ends on April 9.

She added by also calling on the Liberia National Police (LNP) to speedily come out with an outcome of the investigation of the incident within in the District, and therefore also called on other stakeholders such as the National Elections Commission (NEC) and our international partners to take note of not what only occurred in District 10 but in all the electoral districts Liberia.

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