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Release MMDCEs so they can serve grassroots; Hardship becoming unbearable – Akufo-Addo told


Credit: Public Interest News

It is unusual for blooded NPPs at the grassroots level to get peeved for the leadership of the party however hard the situation is perching them since the inception of NPP.

Barely six months in the second term of President Akufo-Addo’s tenure, majority of Ghanaians including NPP faithfuls, sympathisers and card bearing members are wailing, ranting and crying woe that their livelihoods have deteriorated and are therefore, appealing to president Akuffo Addo to release the MMDCEs to start work to liberate them from perishing.

When reporters of Public Interest News engaged some grassroots commanders of the NPP to solicit for their views on the causes of the economic slump Ghana is suffering, they all alluded to the delay of President Akufo-Addo releasing the MMDCEs.

According to them, the MMDAs and for that matter the DCEs are agents of development at the local level. The District Assembly common fund allocated for the MMDAs by the central government pumps money into the system. Since the common fund are for couple of months not released to the MMDAs, it has constituted 89% of the hardships the country is suffering.

The grassroots are therefore, calling on President Akufo-Addo to expedite the formation of his government to salvage the country.

Six months into Government the President is still yet to complete his appointments. Apart from Ministers the President is yet to complete any other appointment.

Deputy Ministerial appointments are outstanding having being submitted to Parliament very late, MMDCE’s are yet to be appointed and CEO’s are being appointed at a snail pace of one perhaps every week.

The boards of very institutions are yet to be constituted. Observers wonder that this same President who said he was in a hurry in his first term is now in SLOW MOTION. Others say he is sleeping on the job.

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