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Publicity Stunts: Did Ghanaian Actress Lie about her Abusive Relationships?

Vicky Zugah at the centre of it all

Vicky Zugah has been creating incessant news about her former relationships and has drawn public sympathy over the facts that she was regularly beaten, sometimes to stupor by her fiancés then. She has even named names and laid blames at DJ Cash, Mensah and Bolt for having beaten the living day-light out of her, years ago.

But in all this, actor and TV personality Leo Mensah has come out to debunk all claims of he being abusive to her. The actor made it clear that Vicky is a perpetual liar and that she is seeking for public sympathy and that all is channeled towards gaining publicity.

He added that he doesn’t understand why she could not come to him with such claims but rather goes to publicly to say that and this; insinuating that she is just using such claims to get publicity since the last hit movie she was in was ‘Agatha’. That was sarcastic but he gave no hoot about who will be hurt.

Who do you think is telling the world the truth – Vicky or Leo? Let’s have our say.

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