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Pres. Weah Brags About Roads Connectivity In First Term

Road connectivity across Liberia are said to be topping the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) developmental agenda under its firs term in office.

The CC led-government commenced its first mandate in 2018 under its National Agenda, The Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) with roads connectivity becoming the order of the day.

Delivering his 6th and final State of the Nation Address (SONA) Monday, October 30, 2023, President George M. Weah said when he took over the helm of affairs of the Country, the total paved roads in the National Road Network was only 745km representing less than 5%.

But maintained that under his administration over the last five years, such number have increased by 630km with a total of 1,375km of paved roads completed. President Weah reporting to members of the National Legislature noted such number also represent 436km of primary roads in such category already paved.

According to him, road network in the Country continues to remain the focus and passion of his administration, adding that his leadership has made considerable gains in the road and transport sector during the period under review.

He stressed that the sector Ministry, Public Works, remains the fulcrum of his development agenda through the full execution of its mandate to plan, procure and construct public infrastructure.

He informed the gathering that the Ministry of Public Works has continued its constructive engagements with traditional financing partners, and has been successful in raising funds for the construction of new primary road networks, as well as for the implementation of several additional development projects.

“With the support of our partners, we have made significant gains in the pavement of primary roads for all ongoing projects and to date, a total of 45 km have been paved on the Gbarnga to Salayea road corridor, 20 km has been paved on the Ganta to Saclepea road, and 31 km of the Sanniquellie to Loguatuo road corridor has been paved respectively”, he told the joint plenary on Monday.

The Liberian leader also stated that his administration under his road network priority has paved 30 km of the Ganta to Yekepa road corridor, and continue to make progress on the Robertsport to Medina road and the RIA road corridor; both of which are funded exclusively by the Government of Liberia, noting that ” All of these road works are still ongoing”.

Additionally, he named some of the gains made in road network thus far especially for primary road projects to include the 40 km Tappitta to Toe’s Town road construction project which is said to be ongoing, while his government has also commenced the payment of project-affected persons along said corridor to facilitate early commencement of works when the project is contracted and signed in the first quarter of this year.

He told the gathering that as his administration advance with its road construction works, it is important that maintenance on the primary road corridors is continued, in order to ensure accessibility of the people throughout the country, even during major setbacks like the rainy season.

President Weah further indicated that while new road construction is a priority, his administration has also committed resources for the maintenance of the already existing road assets throughout the country.

As testimony of such , he disclosed that maintenance works are ongoing on approximately 500 km of unpaved primary roads, including the 38 km Greenville to Wiah Town road in Sinoe; the 118 km Greenville to Boah Geekan in Sinoe & Grand Kru; the 115 km Pleebo to Boah Geeken road in Sinoe and Grand Kru; the 130 km Ziah Town to Zwedru – Putuken road in Grand Gedeh, the 72 km Brewerville to Compansu road in Bomi; and the 68 km Konia to Voinjama road in Lofa County.

Moreover, he stated that maintenance works are also ongoing along the St. Paul Bridge to Tubmanburg highway and the Harper to Karloken road projects , respectively.

According to President Weah, the operationalization of the National Road Fund office of Liberia through his action when he took over in 2018 has derived immense benefits for the road sector and has enabled the effective delivery of the Country’s roads program.

“I am proud to reveal that, since my incumbency, a total of 198 km of community roads in 7 Counties have been completed, with over 75 km ongoing”, he added.

He told members of the National Legislature on Capitol Hill that through the contribution of Liberians who pay their fuel levies from every gallon of gasoline or fuel oil they purchase, the government through the National Road Funds continue to expand the program in maintaining existing network and the construction of new community roads.

As part of tangible efforts in said regard, he told the gathering of the construction of the 5.4 km road from Johnsonville to Mount Barclay which is ongoing and will be completed by June this year; the 12km Johnsonville Turning Point to Mount Coffee road is also ongoing; along with the 4.2 km Soul Clinic Road.

Others are, the 2.1 km Peace Island to 540 Community Road, the 0.6 km Fanti Town Road, and the 2.3 km New Georgia to Gulf road.

The ruling establishment in continuation of its commitment to the people in the road sector has also commenced some new projects, including the 1.5 km River View Road to Hotel Africa road; the Kissi Camp to GSA Road which is about 300 meters, the layout and ongoing pavement of 8.7 km of the Kakata City streets, and have also resumed construction of the 3.2 km Bali Island access road.

“My Government has also broken grounds for the 6.5 km Freeport to St. Paul Bridge road, which constitutes a continuation of the grant she received from its partners, the Government of Japan”, he uttered.

Speaking about ongoing works at the strategic Roberts International Highway Road project, President Weah said his administration is fully aware of ongoing activities on the Roberts’s International Airport Road, and it is working closely with all stakeholders to deliver such key project for the people of Liberia .

” The success of this project will benefit all Liberians, and will positively impact the safety of all commuters using this highway. I remain focused on its delivery, and wish to assure all Liberians that this project will be a success”, he re-assured the general population of the Country.

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