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Pablo Escobar’s Brother sues Apple for $2.6 billion over hacking


Brother of late Colombian drug-lord,
Pablo Escobar, Roberto, has reportedly sued American smartphone manufacturer, Apple, for $2.6 million over alleged hacking scandal.

Reports say Roberto has claimed that someone hacked his smartphone and found his address through FaceTime, even though he claims an Apple employee assured him the iPhone X was the most secure on the market.

He says his life was threatened because of lax security protocols on his phone … so, now he wants Apple to cough up billions, according to TMZ.

Roberto is believed to have stated in the said lawsuit, that he bought an iPhone X back in April 2018, and he claims the security promise fell horribly flat.

Reports indicate that a year after buying the X, Roberto reported receiving a life-threatening letter from someone named Diego, who said he found Roberto’s address through FaceTime.

In the docs, Pablo’s bro says he had to relocate for his safety, and lost a ton of money beefing up his security … not to mention the emotional distress he says he suffered as a result of the security breach. Roberto claims he had several assassination attempts on his life before buying the iPhone X, and only bought the phone because he’d been assured his info would be safe from hackers, according to report.

Roberto is said to have indicated that he conducted his own investigation after receiving the letter, and found his iPhone had been compromised due to a FaceTime vulnerability.

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