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At a joyous occasion when the people of Oyibi jubilated on the recent court ruling over the legitimacy of their chief who have battled in court for more than five years now.

Speaking at a newsconference held in Accra, the Divisional Chief of Oyibi, Nii Boye Okanshan VI, he was optimistic that oyibi would be peaceful during and after the yam festival.

He made it clear that there’s nothing like Chieftaincy dispute or land dispute in the community because the real Oyibi people are peace loving and humbly.

According to him, the Yele yeli (Yam)festival would celebrated this year as they use to do it in the past so everyone should come home for the celebration.

The government and police should dig more into the issue concerning the man who wanted to use his child for rituals and the priest should also be called before the law.

Further, stated that the Oyibi Lands rich and landguard free community, also calling on investors and government to come create jobs in the community for the youth and to also build more schools at oyibi.

The way and manner some people are pointing fingers at Oyibi that his community is violence and high rate of crime is a pathological liar and has no basis.

He appealed to the general public to come and invest in Oyibi because is fast developing.

The community is going to be violence free and during the festive season and also assured maximum security arrangements made by the divisional council.

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