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Odunlade Adekola did not pregnant me…Bukola Adeeyo clears the air

Popular actress Bukola Adeeyo, who welcomed a beautiful bouncing baby girl few weeks ago, has come out to clear the air that married actor; Odunlade Adekola is not the father of her child. She posted the information on her Instagram page.

Below is what she said:

‘Good evening world! I hope everyone is doing well this season. To my fans home and abroad, I appreciate you all for your love and supports. May the almighty God bless you in all ways. There is this saying that says: ‘A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds’ I, Bukola Adeeyo wants to seize the opportunity to clear the doubts and rumours that has being spread around the world (that Mr Odunlade Adekola is the father of my baby). Hell No.Mr Odunlade is my boss in the movie industry, nothing of such ever came up between us. The intimacy between us is that of a boss and worker and not that of a husband and wife. I won’t indulge myself into paternity fraud or paternal discrepancy for any reason. The truth of the matter is that he isn’t the father of my baby. I am not too young to have a baby, and I see nothing wrong in not disclosing my husband’s identity. I keep the reason to myself alone. I do not want to share this at first, but the rate at which the rumour is being spread prompted me to voice out and make it clear to the world that Mr. Odunlade is not the father of my baby. Thanks. God Bless!’
Now she has cleared the doubt about the paternity of her baby, do you feel she is right by not revealing the true identity of her baby?

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