“Nigeria has created chefs out of doctors & virologists” says Seun Kuti

As Nigeria continues to report new cases of the coronavirus outbreak, the biggest question has been how the country’s impoverished healthcare system can handle the outbreak if it becomes massive. Quite the number of Nigerians have expressed this concern and the latest to do so is Seun Kuti, son of Afrobeats legend Fela Kuti.

The singer took to his Instagram account a few hours ago to call out the government’s negligence and how this negligence now determines if the country survives this trying time.

He shared, “Where are the Nigerian Micro-biologists? Where are the Nigerian Virologists? We’ve graduated thousands of them from the universities, but the Nigerian system has sent them to Events planning, Chefs, Bakers, Fashion Designers…This is the Nigeria that we have created.”

Seun added “When you are proud to allow ur lawyers make ur shoes. Doctors sewing cloths scientist planning events and you tell everyone how you are ‘leading a nation’. Shame shame shame.”


Like his father, Seun is quite vocal about social and political injustice.