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Moroccan Gov’t Agrees To Conduct Stock Assessment In Liberia -Following Signing of a MoU

Agadir, Morocco-The government of the Kingdom of Morocco through its Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime and Fisheries has agreed to provide its research vessel to conduct an independent stock assessment on Liberian’s territorial water.

Stock assessment is a scientific activity by means of a research vessel to acquire scientific information/data on individual species so as to ascertain the commercial viability of those fisheries resources and to further attract investment opportunities.

NaFAA DG Emma M. Glassco and Minister Mohammed Sadiki

At the same time, the stock assessment when completed will thereby ensure improvement in Liberia’s commercial fishing operations across its territorial waters.

A dispatch from Agadir, Morocco mentioned that the Moroccan government through its Minister of Agriculture, Maritime and Fisheries made the disclosure Monday January 30, 2023 during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Liberia aimed at ensuring the conduct of a comprehensive stock assessment.

Responding to a request for technical support from the Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) for the enhancement of the Liberian Fisheries sector, Minister Mohammed Sadiki disclosed that his government will provide the technical assistance to Liberia through its research vessel for the growth and development of the sector.

The Moroccan fisheries Minister urged that research and innovation are the only means through which a nation can restructure its fishery sector adding that fisheries scientists can only make decisions based on scientific data.

Speaking earlier, NaFAA Director General, Emma M. Glassco stated that the signing of the MoU will trigger what she termed as economic growth and development in the Liberian fisheries sector.

Madam Glassco revealed that the lack of scientific data has limited the productivity and revenue generating capacity of the fisheries sector of Liberia.

“We are now signing this agreement to conduct research in Liberia. Liberia is ready to conduct the research project following positive response from the Moroccan government and we anticipate that the program will commence latest March, 2023, and I assured you today that my local team is already mobilized to provide all the support,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Fisheries Expert is also appealing to the Moroccan government for additional support for the construction of fish a landing site in similar to what it has constructed for fishermen in Agadir fishing community and also in other countries such as Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal and now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Al Hassan Al Marrakchi the Moroccan government research vessel expected in Liberia

In a related development, as part of it’s commitment to the government of Liberia, the Moroccan Fisheries Authority Tuesday ahead of the start of the 2nd High-level conference, Blue Belt Initiative for Science, Economic and Environmental Integration in favor of the Blue Economy, took the Liberian fisheries delegation along with others on board the Al Hassan Al Marrakchi to have appreciation of the scientific research vessel that would conduct the stock assessment sooner this year.

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