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Married At 50 And Welcomed A Baby Girl At 51, Mo Abudu’s Friends Story Is A Ray Of Hope To Not Give Up

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“Never lose upon God,” a woman says as she congratulates her friend on her 50th wedding anniversary and 51st birth. Mo Abudu, the CEO of Ebonylife TV and a Nigerian media figure, recently shared an uplifting tale about a friend’s life. Mo used her Instagram account to convey her gratitude for God’s love and faithfulness in her friend Vivian’s life, who birthed at the age of 51.

Vivian (a beauty businesswoman and socialite) met and married John Shittu (a top NFF certified player agent) when she was 50, according to Mo. She desperately desired a kid but was concerned about her age prevented her from having one. Surprisingly, Vivian became pregnant shortly after her marriage and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, despite their fears about her conception. Mo Abudu, Vivian’s friend, posted an emotional message on her Instagram account to share the wonderful news.


“Today, I honor and thank God for your life and strength, my lovely Viv.” What a testament your life has turned into. When you were ready to reach 50, you met and fell in love with JS, as we affectionately refer to him.” “You and your partner got married.” The most stunning wedding I’ve ever seen. Then there was the wait for a kid, and you were so committed to having this child that we were concerned since you had just reached 50 at the time. But you persevered, and to God’s glory, you gave birth to a lovely baby girl yesterday, “she wrote.


“How lovely it is that God loves you so much that he has done all of these amazing things for you.” Best wishes, sweetheart. Thank you very much, JS, for brightening our friend’s day. Thank you, Lord, for your love, favor, and compassion in Viv and JS’ lives.” “Look at this gorgeous photo of my sweetheart Besto during her pregnancy, and she’s 51 years old. Incredible.” I’m also sharing my tale to emphasize the importance of never giving up, and that with almighty on your side and a good heart, anything is possible,” she continued.

It’s reassuring to know that it’s not as hor-rible as it may appear, and many ladies nowadays are giving birth in their 50s. However, many women avoid late pregnancies because of the health risks that come with them. According to the Mayo Clinic, every pregnancy after the age of 35 increases the chance of difficulties such as muscular dystrophy, Tay-Sachs disease, genetic anomalies such as Down’s syndrome, bl-d diseases such as sickle cell disease, and miscarriages.

John Shittu and Vivian

“Taking excellent care of yourself is the greatest way to take care of your kid,” Mayo Clinic advises if you conceive after reaching maternal age.

Maintain a nutritious diet, remain active, schedule a preconception checkup, and stay a-way from dan-gerous medications.

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