Monday, June 17, 2024

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A private legal practitioner and family law expert, Christian Lebrecht Malm-Hesse, has revealed that more husbands in Ghana are seeking divorce in court on the grounds of infidelity on the part of their wives.

According to him, the situation is increasingly worrying and needs to be addressed since the rate of divorce keeps going up in recent times.

“Adultery is common and we know that men are largely promiscuous, but now the trend is changing and we have more women having extramarital affairs,” he mentioned on 3FM‘s Sunrise morning show.

“We are having a growing number of that and some of the women will tell you that they are tired with the men giving excuses for poor sexual performances. Some of them say we have feelings.”

He noted that “unreasonable behavior” is another reason why people are seeking divorce, and parties’ unwillingness to compromise and make concessions is a major contributor.

“The demand for inordinate sex such as anal sex or use of objects to have sex with the partner for sexual gratification is one of the issues under unreasonable behaviour. Physical or emotional abuse, drunkenness and blatant disrespect towards a partner constitute unreasonable behavior.”

The family law practitioner also indicated desertion, whereby either partner leaves the matrimonial home without the consent of the partner to stay elsewhere.

“When it gets to a period of six months, then it becomes a matrimonial offense known as desertion. Another perspective of desertion is when an initial consent for a partner to travel or leave elsewhere is withdrawn by requesting for the partner to return home but the party continues to stay away.”

He further advised people intending to enter into marriage to be more careful because it is easy to get married but difficult and expensive to get divorce.

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