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Report coming says heavy downpour of rains in several parts of Liberia, including Western, Central and Northern Liberia has left devastating flooding including the country famous Kpatawee Waterfall in Bong county.

Kpatawee Waterfall, has been the country’s most famous destination of recent for tourist attraction.

According to report, several affected areas namely communities of Kru Town in Robertsport City, Grand Cape Mount County, Kpatawee, Rubber Factory, Civil Compound, and Brooklyn communities in Bong County, and others in Nimba, and Margibi Counties, have affected hundreds of people across those counties, overturning livelihoods, and displacing hundreds from their homes, including devastation of hundreds of hectares of rural farmlands.

The flooding in those counties is one of the worse in recent decades. Unlike usual flooding in Montserrado county, which is home to many mangroves’, counties of Bong, Nimba, and Grand Cape Mount counties have experienced little or no flooding since the 1980s.

“The LNRCS, a vital pillar of hope and support for affected communities, is currently facing an insufficiency of resources to effectively sustain its humanitarian operations and address critical needs. The Liberian Red Cross is therefore calling for urgent support from all sectors to help these communities recover quickly and build resilience against future shocks.”

In the Liberian capital, several communities in Montserrado County, including Red Hill, Crabhole, Doe Communities on Bushrod Island, and Old Road in Sinkor, have all been affected.

The spontaneous floods has sparked new debates for a quick assessment by the government functionaries, including communities for climate adaptation.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross is soliciting assistance to provide urgent emergency assistance packages to targeted flood-hit women, men, and children in critically affected areas.

Officials of Red Cross told IPNEWS that it would need a little over U$20,000 fund drive to rescue flood-affected communities. According to LNRCS, the fund drive is a local plea to help areas that have been severely damaged by the onslaught of rain.

“There are humanitarian needs and we provide vital assistance to communities affected by the recent flooding,”

“The LNRCS is appealing to individuals, organizations, businesses, government entities, and foreign partners to contribute to the emergency appeal fund that would be used to secure food and non-food items for those in urgent need.”

“The situation is expected to worsen as the National Disaster Management Agency’s Weather bug predicts continued heavy rainfall throughout September 2023. Therefore, it is crucial to mobilize support and donations to aid the affected communities,” the Red Cross said. “We need to also be prepared to help those who may come to us in the days ahead.”

“The LNRCS recently highlighted the pressing humanitarian needs within communities that demand immediate action. Liberia faces various humanitarian challenges, including natural disasters, inadequate access to clean water, food insecurity, and heightened socioeconomic vulnerabilities.” A statement from the Red Cross read.

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