Liberian Senate Exonerates Finance Minister Samuel Tweah of Road Fun Misapplication

Senators voting


The Liberian Senate has exonerate Finance Minister Samuel Tweah of illegally misapplying the much talked about Road Fund, says the Money was shifted through reappropriation in the 2019/2020 recast budget:

See below: “Conclusion and Recommendation of the Senate’s Public Accounts and Audit Committee on the General Auditing Commission’s Audit Report of the National Road Fund For Fiscal Year 2018/2019- 2019/2020”.


1. The Legislature initially approved the amount of United States Dollars twenty-two million three hundred thousand in the FY 2019/2020 budget for Road Fund.

2. After submission of a recast budget by the Executive due to low revenue collection as a result of COVID, the Legislature did a recast of the budget under review and reduced the Road Fund for the same period to $12,000,000.

3. That the consultation and approval the Minister of Finance indicated in his radio (Spoon FM/TV) appearance was done with the Legislature during the recast budget process referred to above


1. That for future audit of the Road Fund, the Road Fund Steering Committee which includes the ministry of finance should review and approve responses to audit queries from AG (GAC).

2. That any future audit of the Road fund should fully capture final budget appropriation made by the Legislature to the Road Fund Authority.

3. That the Public be informed, by this report that the seven million reported by the AG (GAC) as owed the Road Fund was re-appropriated by the Legislature during the 2019/2020 recast budget to address critical national issues because of COVID.

NOTE: The report was endorsed and with the following senators voting Yes to exonerate Minister Samuel Tweah of any wrongdoing.

Sen. Saah Joseph
Sen. J. Emmanuel Nuquay
Sen. James Biney
Sen. Francis Paye
Sen. Boto Kanneh
Sen. Prince Johnson
Sen. Zoe Emmanuel Pennue
Sen. Prince Moye
Sen. Varney Sherman
Sen. Simone Taylor
Sen. Milton Teahjay
Sen. Augustine Chea

“No” Vote(s)
Senator Abe Darius Dillon

Sen. Conmany Wesseh
Sen. Johnathan Kaipey
Sen. Johnathan Boycharles Sogbie

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