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Justice Ministry To Present Evidence In Charloe’s Murder Case Against Cllr. Scott Today, July 4

African Entertainment News (AEN) has reliably gathered that the Ministry of Justice is expected today, July 4, 2023 to present evidence in the high-profile murder case involving former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott and three other family members. 

Cllr. Scott, who is also a former Minister of Justice, stands accused along with three other persons of “brutally murdering” Charloe Musu, who happens to be a nice of the legal luminary.

The late Charloe Musu had been living with the former Chief Justice since a tender age and was a graduating senior of the Starz University College before her untimely death on the night of February 22.

The police and Scott had, in an initial statement, claimed that Musu’s death came as a result of an alleged armed attack by a hired domestic worker.

Although defendants have constantly claimed innocence, an indictment by the Ministry of Justice, which is based on a four-month investigation by the Liberia National Police, revealed a series of shocking revelations.

The indictment accuses the defendants of murder, criminal conspiracy, making false statements to law enforcement, deliberately altering evidence, fabricating a false narrative, and showing a callous disregard for human life.

It alleges that Scott, being a former Chief Justice, used her legal expertise and criminal justice background to create a story that would shield herself and her co-defendants from the murder accusations.

One of the key elements in the prosecution’s case, therefore, is the testimony of “unclassified materials, such as an audio of Scott claiming that the death of Charloe was caused by an alleged armed robbery” to prove that the her death was a result of a “calculated murder plot”.

Others are expected testimonies of the security personnel who, according to the indictment, alleged that the defendants’ claim of armed attack is false and that the body of the deceased was seen in the bathroom of the legal luminary.

However, it is unclear if the Ministry ever performed any DNA test to match the alleged blood found in Scott’s room to match that of the deceased, which is key in strengthening the prosecution’s claim that the accused had direct contact with the victim at the time of her death.

The Ministry has however not said whether they have found the alleged knife used to “stab” the deceased, leaving her with “nine wounds inflicted on her chest, right hand, armpit, and left thigh using a knife that co-defendant Gertrude Newton claimed to possess.”

Meanwhile, the defendants are yet to be arraigned before Criminal Court ‘A’ and have not had the chance to enter a plea, even though they have been indicted for about two weeks now on charges of murder, criminal conspiracy and making false statements to the law enforcement.

However, the defense team, led by nearly 30 renowned lawyers, are expected to criticize the prosecution for relying heavily on witness statements that do not directly connect the defendants to the crimes.

Sources with knowledge of the defense team’s argument noted that the defendants’ lawyers would argue that the lack of forensic evidence to match the alleged blood found in Scott’s room, as well as the government’s inability to locate the weapon that killed Musu, are enough grounds for acquittal.

The case, which is expected to last for several weeks, would tomorrow enter a critical juncture as it would begin the process of looking at the merit and demerit of the case. With such high stakes and widespread public interest, both the prosecution and defense must bring forward their most compelling arguments.

The outcome of this case will undoubtedly have a profound impact on not only the accused individuals and as the trial continues, the country remains divided. Some still hold the former Chief Justice in high regard, finding it hard to reconcile her esteemed legal career with the accusations against her. Others demand swift justice for Musu and fully support the prosecution’s case.

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