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Justice Denied? -As ‘Solidarity Forces’ Demand Justice for Late Charloe Musu

Thousands of aggrieved Liberians under the banner “Solidarity Forces” have petitioned the National Legislature to ensure justice dispensed for the late Charloe Musu.

The group also called on the Lawmakers to ensure that the Ministry of Justice determine the would-be perpetrator, as well as take quick action against those who are allegedly associated in the investigation.

Deceased Charloe Musu was a prospective graduate of the Starz University and the daughter of Liberia former Chief Justice, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott. She was allegedly killed in their home in Brewerville on Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

Despite the attention deceased Charloe Musu death has drawn from every Liberians home and in the diaspora, the Liberian government through the Ministry of Justice and the Liberia National Police are yet to make public any investigative report.

But the group, presenting their petition Monday, June 5, 2023 to both the Legislature and Justice Ministry, outlined several recommendations, including conducting an independent and credible investigation to ascertain the truth of the matter and serve justice for the deceased.

Reading the petition on behalf of the protesters, Miss. Christiana Quayou said, “We the people of Liberia have assembled and resolved that the Ministry of Justice release unconstitutionally the findings of LNP in the Charloe Musu murder case, through an official press release indicating that it has been given recommendations of the following names of interest that are suspected of being involved in the Musu murder case.”

The petitioners mentioned the declaration of clearing the names of Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koiiee and others as applicable, citing that the Ministry of Justice must declare Cllr. Jerome Verdier a person of interest in the late Charlotte Musu case and seeks his extension from the United States, to answer in a court of competent jurisdiction in Liberia.

The protesters also urged the Liberian government to file a legal action against the management of Spoon TV Network in Liberia, Stanton Witherspoon and subsequently shut down the institution while carrying out an independent investigation.

It added that Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean should explain to the Liberian People what exactly the conversation between him and former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu Scott the night of the gruesome murder of Charlotte Musu.

According to the petition, the Legislature should take a vote of ” no confidence” in Justice Musa Dean and compel him to resign his post, and the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice appoints a special independent counsel to investigate the Charlotte Musu’s alleged murder.

Meanwhile, receiving the petition on behalf of the Legislature, Nimba Representative, Johnson N. Gwaikolo thanked the protestors for their peaceful assemble to present their petition, and thereby promised to deliver to his colleagues conveniently for onward implementation.

He said, “I like to take this time to receive on behalf of the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives a petition raising several issues to the attention of the government. With our Oversight responsibilities as I receive this document, I like to convey to all of you that we will discuss and act on those issues as contained in this petition.”

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