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Justice Denied? -As Late Charloe Musu’s Parents Return To Maryland In Frustration

After spending nearly three months in Monrovia, with more confusion, grief, and uncertainty, the biological parents of the late Charloe Musu have returned home to Maryland County, with no news as to when their daughter’s remains would ever be released for burial.

According to Lucy Elliott-Musu, she and her husband, Alphonso Musu, Sr., had to return to Maryland after being disrespected, and neglected by the government for months after the gruesome murder of their daughter.

The mother of the deceased expressed sorrow over the fact that, despite numerous appeals to the government to release her daughter’s remains for burial, their requests have been ignored.

It has been more than two months since the government ordered the autopsy, and the family is still waiting for closure. Elliott-Musu emotionally wondered why the government continues to keep their daughter’s body and increase the family’s sorrow since, in fact, the much talked-about scientific investigation (autopsy) had already been conducted.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, Elliott-Musu said she and her husband were constrained to return to Maryland County to take care of their other children and attend to their jobs and other family matters that have been stalled for over three months due to their prolonged and uncertain stay in Monrovia.

She added that considering the road condition and, particularly, with the rainy season already here, they may or may not be able to travel back to Monrovia whenever the government is pleased or ready to release their daughter’s remains.

Charloe Musu mother and father have already arrived back home in Maryland County, far more confused and grief-stricken than they were during their nearly three months stay in Monrovia, as they are unable to explain to the rest of their anxiously waiting family members.

The recent departure of Elliott-Musu and her husband means that all family members who had traveled to Monrovia between March and April of this year following the death of Charloe Musu, have returned home.

The first batch of family members, including the brothers and uncle of the late Charloe returned to Maryland County one month ago in similar grief and agony, after spending nearly two months in Monrovia, enduring what they called disrespect, trauma, disappointment, and frustration.

Speaking to newsmen on April 24, in Monrovia, before their departure then, the uncle and brother of Charloe, J. Wade Mle Elliott, Sr. and Natt Bloh Davis said they were returning to Maryland with heavy hearts, but had no choice.

They described as inhumane, the manner and form in which the family has been treated by the government of Liberia since their arrival and during their nearly two month stay, awaiting the outcome of their daughter, niece, and sister’s deaths and giving her a befitting burial.

They recounted the number of times they’ve requested for information such as the Coroner’s examination report and the body of Charloe for appropriate funeral arrangements, but to no avail.

Charloe Musu, a prospective graduate of the Starz University of Science & Technology, was fatally stabbed multiple times by an unknown individual at the Virginia residence of former Chief Justice, Gloria Musu Scott, on the night of February 22, 2023, and subsequently died in hospital on the same date.

A police investigation into the circumstances surrounding her murder is still ongoing, with growing anxiety and frustration from family members and the public due to its slow pace and the apparent political comments and interference.

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