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Jurors Drop Guilty Verdict On Two-year Old Boy Killers In Bomi

The Jurors ar the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Bomi County have unanimously brought down a guilty verdict on the uncle and father of a two-year-old boy known as Saah Momo, who was brutally murdered in Zealey, Dowein District in the County.

The verdict, according to our Liberia correspondent followed a final argument in court by both prosecution and defense lawyers on Tuesday May 23 ,2023, as Defendants Momo Gray and Siafa Gray were found guilty of murder; a first-degree felony under the law.

In February this year, the two were indicted by the grand jury of Bomi County for their involvement in the murdering of Saah Momo, relative of the two defendants, as from the beginning, several individuals including the mother and grandparents were arrested but released after it was established that they had no hand in the act.

However, the uncle who played a major role in butchering his nephew and father were charged and tried in court. On May 23, 2023 defendant Momo Gray and Siafa Gray were found guilty of murder; a crime which contravenes Chapter 14 subchapter 14.1 of the penal code law of Liberia.

Under the law, a person who is convicted of such crime may be sentenced to death or life in imprisonment.l but a pre- sentencing hearing is also expected to take place before the defendants are convicted.

Judge T Ciapha Carey has ordered the clerk of the court to inform the probation officer of the Ministry of Justice to investigate the lives of the defendants prior to the incident, as it is done to ascertain if the defendants were law abiding citizens or had stayed out of trouble prior to the crime.

It can be recalled that in January, the mutilated body of little Saah Momo was discovered in the home of his grandfather in Bomi County after which the Liberia National Police (LNP) arrested the deceased’s uncle and five other persons in connection to the death of the child.

Those arrested were Momo Gray, Siaffa Gray, Cooper Ross, Satta Wonda, the mother of the deceased and Omacy Nyei, as it was also established by the police established that all of the suspects committed the act for financial gains.

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