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Josephine Davies Gets Overwhelming Support During Campaign Launch In District 10 -Vows To Represent All Constituents

Montserrado County District 10 witnessed an incredible show of support as the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Representative candidate Josephine Davies officially launched her campaign to become the district’s lawmaker. 

The event, which drew massive crowds Wednesday, September 27, 2023, demonstrated that madam Davies has successfully captured the hearts and minds of her constituents, thus giving them a renewed hope of adequate representation during the 55th Legislature in 2024.

With an unwavering commitment to serve all residents of District 10, madam Davies, who once served with distinction as the Ministry of Commerce Inspector General has set forth a vision that promises effective representation and tangible development for the entire district.

As Liberians prepare to go to the polls on October 10 of this year to elect a new breed of leaders, the CDC candidate is however facing serious challenge from incumbent Representative Yekeh Kolubah who is known across the district and the country at large for his continous invective againt the Liberian presidency, his colleagues and others prominent figures in the society.

But during the campaign launch which started with a rally from the entry of various communities across the district, thousands of supporters, dressed in their blue, white and red berets and t-shirts, were also heared chanting anti slogans against Rep. Kolubah like: “We Don’t Want Ma Cusser, We Want Jojo; Da Jojo We Want; Thank God I Get My Voting Card, Da My One Vote Can Make Jojo Win, and We Tired With Cussing, We Want Development among others.

The rally, held at the famous CDC headquarters in Congo Town, within district 10, also witnessed Davies’ charismatic presence and an outpouring of enthusiasm from her supporters, with some opposition supporters including Representative Yekeh Kolubah four siblings alike all pledged their unwavering support to madam Davies Representative ambition.

In her rousing speech, Davies eloquently articulated her vision for people of District 10, and stressed the importance of inclusivity, promising to be the representative for all, regardless of political affiliation, ethnic background, or socioeconomic status.

Nevertheless, her commitment to fairness and justice further resonated deeply with the audience, eliciting resounding cheers and applause as well as the chanting of battle cry from thousands of supporters in attendance.

The CDC candidate further acknowledged the challenges faced by the district, ranging from inadequate infrastructure, limited access to quality education, healthcare disparities, and high unemployment rates.

Pledging to address these pressing issues head-on, she outlined a comprehensive plan of action already crafted and agreed upon by local leaders of the District that included robust investment in infrastructure, initiatives to improve educational facilities, and programs to cultivate job opportunities.

Furthermore, madam Davies emphasized her intent to foster open lines of communication with constituents by regularly organizing town hall meetings and implementing participatory governance practices, and expressed her belief in collaborative decision-making, stating that she would be receptive to the concerns and ideas put forth by the residents of District 10.

Meanwhile, throughout the campaign launch, supporters passionately shared their personal experiences with Davies, testifying to her dedication and tireless work on behalf of the community.

Many spoke of her previous community involvement, citing her unwavering commitment to public service and her ability to bring people together including women and youths of the district for the common good.

Davies, in her closing remark, also assured her constituents that she would prioritize transparency and accountability, and pledged to be accessible to all, establishing a responsive and responsible office that would actively engage with residents to ensure their voices are heard and represented.

The overwhelming support received during Josephine Davies’ campaign launch now sets a promising precedent for her bid to become Montserrado County District 10’s representative, and with her vision and determination, Davies appears primed to bring positive and transformative changes to the district, valuing inclusivity, fairness, and progress above all else.

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