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Jay-Z Reacts To Continued Debate Of Either Dinner With Him Or $500,000

Prominent rapper, mogul and record producer Jay-Z, one of the internet’s most asked question, while joining Gayle King. She asked him whether he would prefer $500,000 in cash or a dinner with himself. This question has been a part of a long-standing viral debate, causing people to take sides in deciding which option holds more value.

Jay-Z’s response might have taken some by surprise. He opted for the money, explaining that he believes his wisdom is already readily available to everyone through his music. “You can get all of that in the music for $10.99,” he stated. “That’s a poor deal. I wouldn’t advise you to make a poor deal. Take the $500,000, purchase some albums, and listen to them. It’s all right there.”

Gayle King expressed her astonishment at Jay-Z’s choice but also conveyed her respect for it. She further highlighted the significance of the question, as it prompts people to contemplate their preferences between money and experiences. The debate about whether it’s better to have $500,000 or dine with Jay-Z is likely to persist for years. However, Jay-Z’s response has undoubtedly offered a fresh perspective on the matter.

For the complete interview, watch the video below:

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