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Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has launched its party’s biometric membership cards which is alleged to have data security features and a centralized data base system for its members to begin registration.

If I may ask, if a political party could invest into a supposed everlasting party cards for its members, and also acquire a secured centralized database system with security features, why can’t the whole nation do same to secure the nation’s data base and also keep track of every single data in our nation?

The various cards such as the Ghana Card, Passports, and ECG cards are in short supply in the country, making potential applicants (Ghanaians) struggle to obtain it.

Could it be that an allegation circulating that government is unable to pay suppliers of these cards to various institutions responsible for issuing these cards are true? I believe it would be appropriate for all the PRO’s of these governmental institutions such as the Ghana Immigration Service, Electricity Company of Ghana and the National Identification Authority to come out and explain things better to calm situations down.

It’s becoming extremely worrying, frustrating and stressful for the citizens who need these cards to carry out some important tasks.

Government must as a matter of urgency push to resolve this situation as soon as they can.
God bless us all.


I believe personally as a citizen of Ghana that there should be a need for every Ghanaian citizen either being a politician or non-politician to be careful with our utterances in order not to break our structures of democracy as a Rule of Law conscious nation.

Let’s not forget that, where there is a break in Rule of Law, chaos is inevitable.

I urge every citizen to refrain from utterances that will lead to the breaking out of the structures of our democracy as a country at large, especially those in the media space- hosts of political Morning shows .

People know instinctively when politicians are just doing rhetorics from both sides of political devide and the people who are on your side may cheer you on, but they also know that you are not being true to the law, you are not being true to the principles of Justice and slowly we are eroding our democracy daily.

The Rule of Law must be applied.

We must treat people equally not to create inequality and injustices in the minds of the citizenry.
Ghana is a beloved country loved by its citizens.


Ghana as a nation-state stands on its own from all forms of political parties. I believe we as citizens should know right that, after general elections, the entire nation comes together by means of voting to Will our power to one person described as president-elect by our Constitution to rule the country and also spearhead government business on behalf of the entire nation.

Must we go on destroying our nation with cheap propaganda stories due to seeking power by ridiculing mistakes of incumbents and insulting past government with the intent of making sure of a government going to the opposition?

What is stopping the opposition political parties from complying with mistakes seen from the incumbent to join heads together as members of Parliament to solve the challenges Ghana faces to rebuild our nation through great developmental initiatives and policies? Must we approach everything with political interest? What happens to the sovereignty of the people And the state at large?

Ghana is not a poor nation, why make it seem so in the eyes of the international community?
As citizens, it is mandatory to ensure we preserve, protect and support each other with one common interest to ensure the nation’s development beyond all reasonable doubts and to end hardship and crime entirely. Creating a good industrial nation requires teamwork, unity and collective shared ideas to build a united nation.

By : Nana Kweku Ofori Atta, CEO , AVCONTECH Security Masters

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