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I got my scar while going to meet up my boyfriend – Kenya’s Betty Kyallo opens up

TV girl, Betty Kyallo has previously been ashamed of her shoulder scar, one she got after an accident that almost claimed her life, back while she was still in high school.

The mother of 1 has however braved up over time and shown off the scar to the world, as she remembers it as a symbol that her life got saved after the tragic incident.

Funny enough, the Internet sensation got her scar while going out on a date with her then-boyfriend.

As she was just about to cross the road to get to the other side, a fast-moving public bus swept her off and continuously dragged her on the tarmac.

“This scar I got it when I was in form three. So what happened is, I was walking in tao, pale hivo Railways, nilikuwa naenda date. Aki maboyz, nyi hutufanya vibaya. Naenda date, nagongwa. So nikagongwa na hizi matatu, zinaitwa Double M. So imekuja hapo tu Railways, ikanipata karibu nafika kwa pavement, nikaingia chini yake and it´s still moving. Imagine! That was me. Ikamove na uso yangu. So you know I´m sleeping on this side and it´s moving, I´m hoooked on my blouse. What was left of a beautiful teenager, going to meet up her boyfriend was a ripped-off face, broken jaw and ribs, injured back and legs – and a girl whose life hang on the edge.”

“So it peeled off all my skin from my face to the neck. It was all gone. Imagine! Even my jaw broke, that´s why sometimes when I smile, my lips slant a bit on my left side and I´ve seen people comment about that on my pages. Si poa! So because my jaw broke, it affected a bit of my smile. I also broke my ribs, my left clavicle, my back got injured and I sought of broke my legs. I couldn´t walk for sometime and it´s like both my lungs also got affected.”

Ms Betty spent more time in the hospital beds than in school, having to undergo at least 7 surgeries to repair the wounds and broken bones but she still didn´t look good enough.

Leaving the house meant she would dress like a Muslim girl living in Europe. Why? because she needed to cover up the scars.

“I went through a total of seven surgeries, to just get myself back together. I used to be ashamed of it so ata everytime nikitembea tao, those days when I was younger, I used to leave the house with a scarf to cover my face and my neck. Or I would wear a turtle neck instead. Saa hio jua imewaka pale railways tukiwa na my mom lakini mimi nimeng´ang´ana tu na pull-neck because I was so embarrassed of the scar. I hated it.”


Eventually, Betty learnt to accept herself as she was, because no human is perfect. In fact, we all have our scars that tell a story that remind us that we survived something. We can only be grateful that we live. Right?

She added: “but I thank God. So every time I see this scar, it reminds me that I defeated something. I think sometimes we eventually grow.  I was like, wait a minute, yaani here I am, I am embarrassed of this scar yet ni Mungu alinisaidia and saved my life. So what is a scar? What´s a scar? I know we all have scars some are internal but we also have those on the external so don´t feel ashamed. A scar means you survived something. I would have been dead by now. But look, just a scar, it is what it is.”

KTN Internship

The now popular and celebrated media personality nurtured her career while at KTN where she tried her utmost best to dress for the job but still cover up her scar to prevent any chances that it would bar her from becoming the news anchor she dreamt of.

Well, it worked for her good. “so I remember when I started my job at KTN, I used to be so cautious cause I didn´t want my boss to see I have a scar, nikose kupatiwa job cause I used to think it´s all about looks. But it is not all about looks, I will tell you that, it´s hardwork. So I used to wear those high-collared shirts and people were like ´eh, na huyu dame anajua sense of style manze!´ kumbe hawajui mimi ni kuficha scar.”

Looking back at the kind of memories her face and neck scar caused her and took her through, Betty smiles and thanks God that she is alive and accepting herself like she is.

“At least my face eventually healed. I think like after 1 year. I used to eat a lot of apples and some fruits I was told by the doctor helps skin.”

Source: Ghafla

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