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Hon. Sidi Tunis denounces coup makers whilst calling for the strengthening of democracy

The Speaker of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament, Hon. Dr. Sidi Mohamed Tunis has told politicians and decision makers in West Africa to denounce coup makers in all shapes and forms in the sub region.

The seminar focused on the theme, “The Challenges of Unconstitutional Regime Change and Presidential Term Limits in West Africa – The Role of the ECOWAS Parliament.

Tunis said that the seminar was being held in response to the deterioration of democratic governance in the sub-region. He highlighted that open elections and regular leadership transitions were becoming close to the norm in West Africa, before the recent upheavals commenced. He continued that the unraveling of such growth has a detrimental effect on regional peace, development, and security, potentially impeding the consolidation of democracy, the rule of law, and West Africa’s ongoing constitutional developments.

He specified the upheavals to be:

The re-emergence of military coups and the overthrow of democratic governments as recorded in Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and most recently Niger

The trajectory of efforts towards constitutional amendment in relation to Presidential term limits and tenure elongation

The growing interference of the military in the political governance of the state, in contrast to the clear legal and constitutional framework defining the fundamental relationship between the state and the armed forces; and,

The non-compliance of key protocols by Member States, as well as the low rate of compliance with key obligations and judgment of the ECOWAS Court of Justice.

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