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Epixode Discloses How His Music Has Saved Fans On Different Occasions

Epixode, a Ghanaian reggae-dancehall musician, revealed that one of his songs prevented a suicide.

In a recent interview with Onua FM, Epixode said that his song “Sinner’s Prayer” had prevented one person from contemplating suicide and helped another person pass their exams.

“I have this song called “Sinner’s Prayer”, somebody told me that, that song saved her because she was going to commit suicide. So that was deep for me…it was quite a personal song but somebody can relate.

“And now, looking at another part of me too, when I dropped a song like “Mandela”, somebody reached out that he was writing a paper and there was a question in there that they had to write a bio of “Mandela” and because he knew the lyrics of that song, he was able to pass…you know.

“So, for me, it’s more awakening that we as entertainers have a greater goal, if we can do songs that can raise concerns about mining and climate change, it goes a long way, ten years from now people can actually relate to them and use them as a reference,” he said.

Watch Epixode share this, below:


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