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Elijah Gargar Cures of ‘Burkitt Lymphoma’

An ailing boy, Elijah Gargar, who has been battling with “burkitt lymphoma,” a cancerous tumor that had grown out of proportion for the past several years, has finally been cured of the sickness.

According to report, Elijah, then 18, was captured on a segment of ‘LINA Panorama’ an television program of the Liberia News Agency developed during the peak of the global COVID-19 crisis to bring to the fore happenings from the core of communities in the country.

Accordingly, when a team of LINA reporters arrived at little Elijah’s home in Johnsonville, outside Monrovia, the poor lad with pumpkin-size jaws and emaciated body was found sitting in a yellow plastic chair, unable to breathe normally.

In the interview with the LINA crew, it was revealed that Burkitt Lymphoma is a rare but highly aggressive and fast-growing B-cell non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL), and may affect the jaw, central nervous system, bowel, kidneys, ovaries or other organs.

The disease is also capable of spreading to the Central Nervous System (CNS). Additionally, it was clearer from the conversation that there was an urgent need for a last minute opportunity to help save Elijah from the health calamity that had beset him.

Interestingly, after the SOS call through a passionate appeal on LINA’s live broadcast, a group of philanthropists based in the United States of America, through the intervention of a Liberian living there, identified as Bartum Kula, rushed to the aid of Elijah which landed him in the U.S. for the much-needed surgery.

Kula used the influence of Charlesetta Nougbode-Williams CEO/Founder of Healthpage Liberia through the HTC, FL-GA, a Supreme Donor of the organization.

Months after Elijah’s departure, the head surgeon of the team of doctors who conducted the procedure on Elijah, Dr. David Hoffman told the LINA Director General, Kwame O. Weeks via text that the tumor that Elijah suffered was six pounds in mass.

Hoffman said the tumor “greatly affected” Elijah’s jaw and as such his team conducted an additional operation in which his entire mandible was removed to allow the reconstruction of his jaw.

He, however, hinted that Elijah was recovering well and that based on prognosis Elijah was about to be discharged.

Prior to departing for the U.S., Elijah was given care at the ELWA Hospital, outside Monrovia, through an arrangement by Dr. Matthew Jacob, and was later transferred to the Ducor Clinic where he was given additional care by Dr. Lawrence Sherman.

At the Ducor Clinic, the medical Report that was needed for his transfer was compiled and forwarded to Amy Beyer and Arlene Rhodenbeck, Executive Director, Healing the Children, FL-GA Organization based in the U.S.

After living in the U.S. hospital for two years, Elijah completed all his surgeries, accompanied by his mother, and was discharged by the hospital and arrived in Liberia on August 5, 2022 via the Roberts International Airport.

The camera of the Liberia News Agency was also present to capture the glorious moments of thanksgiving.

On his return, Elijah and his mother showered the Liberia News Agency with praises for its role in being a first responder, while Elijah himself was overwhelmed with joy as he was showcased after a long period of time. Source: Liberia News Agency (LINA)

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