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What purpose is the office of the president hoping to achieve by establishing a whole communication directorate and appoint Mr. Eugene Arhin to be the head of the directorate at the presidency? What is his core mandate/duty as the director of communications at the presidency?

For what purpose did the government hire Mr Jefferson Kwamina Sackey, a multiple award-winning Ghanaian journalist, media consultant, filmmaker, and PR strategist who is also known for his quality presentation skills and command of international issues?

What office does he occupy at the presidency and with what capacity does he follow the president to cover his tours as being described in the presidential diary? Could it be that Mr. Eugene Arhin is incompetent, lacks the job ethics and hence the president’s demand for a professional such as Mr Jefferson Kwamina Sackey to work with him, as he learns the job as a communication director at the presidency under his tuition?
Again, there is another office created by government at the presidency described as the Executive Secretary outlet which Nana Bediatuo Asante is the appointee.

Sir, don’t you think these are lots of offices created under your office and hence causing the state a lot of funds, since you go everywhere with these people? Is that not too much, looking at our economic situation?

As an Akan proverb goes and I quote“If the owners of the natural resources go around begging, then you should know there is something wrong with their minds”. Leadership and governance emanates from political power and it has now become an official and legitimate way of antagonizing the people.

Our worse fears in these times and age has become political power itself. When the one you draw your strength, authority and power from dies/falls, you die/ fall with him as well. Let’s be careful of the pride and arrogance we surround ourself with and also display to the people.
Remember, tables turn every minute and it’s a common rule, the wise sees human beings as an investment and not a rag to trample on.

Reading the numerous statements made by the then presidential candidate during his campaign tours while seeking for power to become president and his unfortunate recent statements made on a radio station in Kumasi, Otech FM, which has generated lots of anger and arguments among the citizenry and you could see the hypocrisy and pride being exhibited.

A quote prior to the 2020 elections from the current president was “We know how to bring the economy back to life, what we do not know, is how to bring people back to life”.

A current quote after the elections by the president reads “People make those kind of threats, me those threats do not frighten me, if you want to vote for the NDC fair enough, I can’t hold your hand to vote for me, it’s your own decision”.

These, among other statements made by Mr. President on Otech FM during his interview is very unfortunate? Though he has a whole communication directorate but for a ruling party hoping to seek for a third term from the citizens and for its President to make such unfortunate statements, how on earth will the party break the supposed 8? What has NEC got to say about this?

If I may ask, what is the communication directorate at the presidency doing to enhance the communication skills of the President? I believe there has been several arrogant attitudes displayed and it’s time to prompt some of our leaders to desist from them immediately. It’s becoming embarrassing and it’s unacceptable by the ethics governing the office of the presidency.

I will suggest the authorities of the NPP party to begin to clean it mess immediately before things get out of hands .

Mr. President, I suggest you render an unqualified apology to the whole citizens of this country, especially the people of kwabre in the Ashanti Region for your unfortunate statements. Your answers were unfortunate, Sir, with all due respect .
I also blame the journalist who could not put the president in his right place by asking him to retract some of his statements on his show.
Sir, communication is everything when it comes to governance but it seems you’re loosing control gradually and the people around you are not alerting you . With all due respect, kindly tone down in some of these interviews and address the nation appropriately. Where you have to apologize to the entire nation to restore peace, please do it.
For citizens to hoot at an incumbent President, that alone sends a message of trouble. They don’t fear anymore and they are doing this out of anger and intense frustration.
Please do what’s needful and try and restore some hope in the people. We still love and respect you as our President.
God bless us all

Meanwhile, Ghanaian veteran journalist and the editor in chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Kweku Baako junior has said that the president of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is no longer himself and needs his minders to constantly remind him things.

According to Kweku Baako, the hardship in the country is making everyone tensed and the president faces such tension the most. He said with the rising costs of living, the hiking fuel prices and the massive depreciation of the Ghana cedi put Akufo Addo in a very tough situation.

He said the hardship continue to make president Akufo Addo blunder in a lot of his statements. He argued that Akufo Addo needs a strong minders who will continue to remind him of certain statements once his is in the public domain.

Speaking on Metro TV Good Morning Ghana show this morning, Kweku Baako said Akufo Addo is no longer the man he knew some years back. The vibrant lawyer who could answer any question pose at him is no longer himself. But his minders keep disgracing him.

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