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On Monday September 18, 2023, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio, the esteemed First Lady of Sierra Leone, took center stage as a special guest at a prestigious occasion held at the Turkish House in New York.

This high-level event, titled: “The World is Our Common Home: Path to the Global Zero Waste Movement,” was held on the margins of the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The gathering brought together a host of high-profile dignitaries, including the Mayor of New York City, the Executive Director of UN Habitat, the UN Under-Secretary for Policy, and carefully selected First Ladies from around the world.

Dr. Bio’s presence at this distinguished event underscored her commitment to environmental sustainability and her tireless efforts to promote the global zero waste movement.

One of the highlights of the event was when Dr. Bio, as Sierra Leone’s First Lady, became one of the first to sign the Global Commitment on Zero Waste. This symbolic act demonstrated her dedication to tackling the pressing issue of waste management and her determination to inspire positive change both at home and on the global stage.

Dr. Fatima Maada Bio’s involvement in environmental causes extends beyond this event. She holds the esteemed position of UN Eminent Person for Zero Waste, a testament to her expertise and leadership in promoting sustainable waste management practices. Her influential role allows her to advocate for innovative solutions to waste-related challenges, fostering a cleaner and healthier future for Sierra Leone and the world at large.

As the occasion drew to a close, the invited guests were treated to a delightful dinner, providing an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and further discussions on the importance of the zero waste movement. The event served as a reminder that by working together, nations can make significant strides in achieving a more sustainable future.

Dr. Fatima Maada Bio’s participation in this high-level gathering reflects her commitment to environmental sustainability and her dedication to raising awareness about the importance of managing waste responsibly. Her presence as a special guest at this notable event has further elevated Sierra Leone’s global standing in matters of environmental stewardship.

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