Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Daniel Regha, a prominent Nigerian social media commentator, has refuted claims that he is a troll. During a recent interview on Channels Television’s ‘Rubbin’ Minds, hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Regha addressed the question of whether he is a troll, stating, “I’m not a troll. Definitely not.” He clarified that people often struggle with criticism rather than him being a troll.

Regha emphasized that he does not intend to come across as throwing shade, which is why he includes the phrase “No offence, No shades” in his posts when sharing in the digital sphere.

He also asserted that his personal opinions are supported by facts, often referencing past events. He does not engage in hurling insults in people’s comment sections but rather shares his opinions in response to remarks or actions made by well-known figures and frequent influencers.

Regha expressed concern about how Nigerians interpret criticism as hate speech and individual viewpoints as trolling, leading to everything he says being perceived as hate speech or clout.

Regarding recent events, Regha disclosed that he has been receiving life threats for his social media commentary and opinions on X (formerly known as Twitter). He mentioned that he has had to disguise himself while going out to avoid being identified by social media foes in public and facing the consequences of their threats.

He said, “Whenever I step out of the house, I always wear a nose mask because I don’t know who I am going to meet in public and who might say, ‘Finally, I’ve caught you.’” He added, “I receive threats a lot. Recently, some people told me that they are going to shoot me if they see me in Lagos, Ibadan, or Benin. They even use R.I.P emojis, some even use guns and axes. It’s scary sometimes. But I just pray and ask God for protection.”

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