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CPP Cummings Defend Musa Bility -Says “Owing Taxes Is Not A Crime”

The political leader of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander Cummings has defended the chairman of the CPP, Musa Hassan Bility following the recent closure of his company, Srimex Oil and Gas, due to allegations of tax invasion and road fund issues.

Recently, the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) shut down Srimex Oil and Gas due to alleged delays in tax payments thus amounting to over US$1 million. The LRA’s Communication Manager, D. Kaihenneh Sengbe, clarified that the action was taken against the company for tax delays and not against an individual.

Sengbe further explained that similar actions are routinely taken against numerous companies and businesses to recover taxes.

However, businessman and politician Bility himself confirmed on a Facebook broadcast that he owes US$165,000 in taxes. While he acknowledged that it is routine for the LRA to request access to a company’s financial records to determine tax withholdings, he expressed confusion over the decision to shut down a major company like his.

“I can confirm that the action was taken in line with the LRA’s mandate. The action was taken against a company that has delayed its taxes, not an individual. Similar actions are routinely taken against many other companies and businesses to recover taxes,” he said.

But defending Mr. Bility’s acrion in a Facebook podcast, the CPP political leader backed Bility’s claims that the opposition Unity Party was responsible for the shutdown, despite the LRA carrying out the action, stating, “In Liberia, anything is possible.”

Cummings emphasized that owing taxes is not a crime and expressed his belief that the leak of information by the LRA was unfair, and thereby cautioned against jumping to conclusions and emphasized that no crime had been proven; the allegations against Bility were merely accusations.

He praised Bility’s performance as the chairman of the CPP, stating, “Until something else is shown to the contrary, we stand with Musa. Maybe politics came into play; we cannot pretend that it’s not possible.”

Regarding the LRA’s actions, Cummings suggested that politics may have influenced the decision, and acknowledged that there was no concrete evidence implicating the UP but maintained that the possibility of political motives from the government or rivals of the CPP should be considered.

Discrediting FIFA as a Reliable Organization

Addressing Chairman Musa Bility’s indictment by FIFA for allegations of misappropriation of funds, Cummings continued to support Bility’s credibility and criticized FIFA as an institution lacking integrity.

He added, “FIFA is not the most credible organization. People should not regard FIFA as a prestigious institution.”

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