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Covid-19: Lincoln Students partner ESKA Foundation to support children


The entire world is reeling under the impact of the novel Coronavirus, killing millions across the globe.

While the Ghanaian government is doing all it can to help the citizens, support needs to be pouring in from all corners.

One will understand that, during this critical period, children are the most vulnerable though the disease is killing the grown ups.

Due to this, four young students from Lincoln Community School in collaboration with ESKA Foundation have taken up the mantle to support the needy children in the nation’s capital Accra.

The four students- Sisters Suhani Midha (Grade 9) and Shanaya Midha (Grade 4) along with Siblings Krsna Jagtiani
(Grade 9) and Shivv Jagtiani (Grade 11) – all students of Lincoln community school who have realized that in these trying times the need for essential items are paramount for children, hence through a concerted effort at galvanizing public support donated items like books, toys, clothes, foods and most importantly masks.

Speaking during the presentation, the Chairman and Director of ESKA Foundation, Ms Emelia-Jane Hamidu explained the rationale behind the donation and the effort from these four Lincoln students in ensuring that, they alleviate the plight of their fellow children in Ghana.

“I will start my short welcome speech with a quotation from the very heart warming letter I received from our young donors Suhani & Shanaya Midha and Krsna & Shivv Jagtiani expressing their grave concerns for the plight of under-privileged children in Ghana with specific reference to “Street Children and Special Needs Children”, and more especially so, during this pandemic period when even the well-to-do in our society are facing grave challenges.

“The most poignant sentence in their letter was a declaration, and I quote; “They all deserve to be Happy, rather every Child in the World Deserves to Be Happy”.

“For such sentiments to come from young children who could, like
many others at their age, be spending their time on games and gadgets, and thinking about what else they are going to ask their
parents to buy for them as presents, is indeed quite remarkable.

“They then took the initiative of setting up a WhatsApp Group of all their Family Members and Friends to discuss this pressing concern
they had for the underprivileged children and to solicit their support in gathering clothes, food items and everything else that they could donate to help alleviate the plight of their fellow Children in Ghana.

“They then went on to try and find a Charity that they could team up
with, who would help them to track down the underprivileged
children so they could give as many as possible, as much as possible and more importantly – to show them.

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