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Collapsed Bridge in Karene Affects Proper Functioning of a Medical Facility

In an exclusive interview with the Chairman for Rochain Loko PHU, Alhaji Bai Koroma, he stated that a broken and collapsed bridge between two small villages called Rochain Loko and Mayarah at Mafonday Makrembay Chiefdom in Karene District, Northern Sierra Leone had prevented or stopped not only the timely entry of medical items supplied to the only health center which covers over ten Villages across the Chiefdom and beyond, but had also slowed down the movement of pregnant women, lactating mothers, the aged, sick people and the general public from accessing the hospital as it is supposed to be.

He disclosed that the bridge in question collapsed due to a loaded heavy truck of coal, timber, fruits, vegetables, sticks and other wooden materials that forced it way through.

He furthered that the broken bridge was constructed ten years back.

“During the time, the heavy overloaded truck climbed up the bridge but managed to cross. The disheartening part of this episode is that the driver of the heavy truck had promised to repair the broken bridge after causing the problem, but didn’t show up as the rainy season is fast approaching,” he lamented.

As the situation stands, pedestrians, drivers and stakeholders in that part of the country are calling for the swift intervention of responsible Government authorities and humanitarian organizations to rebuild the broken bridge for the ease of the movement of goods, services and people from one place to another within the district.

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