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Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini To Feature In ‘Dead To Me’ Season 2

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellinwidow

Actresses, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, are both returning to Netflix for the second season of the series, Dead To Me.

The series is one of a twisted friendship and murder cover-up.

Dead To Me was debuted during the last Spring.

In season one, Cardellini played the role Judy while.

She befriended widow Jen (Applegate) through their grief support group because Judy killed Jen’s husband in a hit-and-run and felt desperately guilty about it.

The mystery was more about how the lonely, explosively angry Jen would react to such a crazy-making betrayal.

Though largely shaped around its clockwork rhythm and predetermined twists, the debut season of Dead to Me was an addictive watch for its proudly raw edges.

The series, created by Liz Feldman, filled in all the sad details in Jen’s probably doomed marriage: her husband’s infidelity, their many fights and, most compellingly, the fallout from her double mastectomy (inspired by Applegate’s own history with breast cancer and the procedure).

Judy in season one was largely beset by her own female troubles — five miscarriages, a diagnosis of infertility and, finally, a broken engagement to the emotionally abusive Steve (James Marsden).

That was backdrop for the Molotov cocktail that was Jen’s grief-soaked rage — a still relatively rare depiction of female complexity.

The second second is likely to be the reflection of season one, although with some more details, twists and turns.

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