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Chloe Bailey Strikes At Internet Bullies Over Their Allegations On Her Sister Halle Bailey

You would think that trolls would know by now that Chloe does not play about her sister!

Online bullies have been cautioned by Chloe Bailey to refrain from mentioning her sister Halle.

The singer took a minute during her latest Instagram live session to warn people against talking about her younger sister amid the rumors that have been circulating about Halle, labeling her pregnant.


Chloe remarked, “Y’all better keep my sister’s name out your mouth, Thank you. Amen, hallelujah. Bout to get me riled the hell up. Anyways…”

When an unnamed person in the background piped up, saying “We don’t play about Halle. No,” the singer replied “Like, what the heck? Period.”

A video clip of the two sisters at Beyonce’s Renaissance event, in which the Little Mermaid actress “looked bloated than usual,” sparked rumors and excitement on Twitter.

As a result, she became the focus of a social media frenzy over the weekend, with people speculating that because she was wearing an oversized shirt dress, she was pregnant. They proceeded to conjecture that she is concealing a developing baby bulge.

Online users are never short of comments regarding the actions and inactions of celebrities, and the Bailey sisters are no different. So much so that Halle herself took a stand at one point, denouncing cyberbullying and pointing out that famous people are humans too.

“I’m gonna say this once. I won’t stand for bullying of any kind on this app of anyone…and especially of those who I love with my whole heart. I think sometimes people forget that even though we live public lives…we are human and have souls,” she said.


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